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Shepherd's Way Farms'

Premium Fraser Fir Trees,

Wreaths, Roping & Centerpieces

Grown on our farm in Ashe County, our Fraser fir trees are tended for years by Mr. Tim himself and our farm team before they are ready to bring joy and fresh fir smells into your home during the Christmas season. We employ expert crafters to create our beautiful wreaths made with the clippings of our trees along with other trimmings like boxwood, white pine and cedar. And our roping (or garland) comes in a variety of tree types and lengths, too.

Sally Shepherd Dickens, the matriarch of Shepherd's Way Farms, handmakes every single wreath and tree bow (around 1,000 per year) and centerpiece for the season. 

At our Raleigh retail lots, we employ upwards of 75 people during the season to unload our trailers of freshly cut Fraser firs, help you pick out the perfect one for your home, decorate wreaths to make it easier for you, and so much more, all delivered with a smile!

Pumpkins, Gourds & Mums

Tim & Bonnie started growing pumpkins as a rotational crop in 2008. Back then, they planted every seed by hand, with Tim driving the tractor, and Bonnie sitting on the back dropping seeds one by one. They also harvested each pumpkin themselves, filling up the back of the old Ford pickup truck with their field finds.

We've come a long way from that first year. Now we have the capacity to grow, store and sell over 80 varieties of pumpkins and fancy gourds, as well as work with other farmers to offer heirlooms that have yet to be released to market. Shepherd's Way Farms has also brought home over 20 ribbons, including 14 Blue Ribbons and a Great Pumpkin Commonwealth First Place Prize, from the North Carolina State Fair. 

You'll also find seasonal mums at our retail lot. While we don't grow these on our farm, we work directly with the folks who do, so we bring only the highest quality blooms to our customers.

Spring Flowers & Plants

During the springtime, we set up our retail locations to offer perennial and annual flowers and plants for your home and garden. While we don't grow these plants on our farm, we work directly with the nursery that does to ensure top quality for our customers. 

Tim & Bonnie both love their home garden and flowers and wanted to be a resource for their customers looking to learn about tending plants at home and offer guidance for filling your life with color!

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